Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pic and a Poem # 10

     simplicity is
     spacious and pure,
     ruthlessly peel back
     all these layers of life,
     keep what is true
     release what is false,
     distill it down to it's
     bare essence,
     the bones of being,
     empty each moment
     to the bottom
     of it's deep well, 
     chisel experience
     down to small pebbles
     that you drop in
     marked with the question
     "who am i?"
     seek the answer
     at the center of stillness
     formless and wordless,
     the simplicity of what
     is known and not learned,
     bring it back,
     paint it on the walls of
     your life,
     wisdom comes in few words
This one came as a total stream of consciousness, and I have left it as is.
I do know that I have been contemplating simplicity a lot lately. Craving it in my life.
Would love to hear how you think about simplicity.  

1 comment:

  1. A smile,
    silence and a cup of steaming green tea,
    holding a small, soft hand,
    reading a book next to my husband who is reading his book,
    hugging my son(s) in their moment of humbleness or joy or sorrow
    watching a butterfly land on a lotus and bask in the sun