Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pic and a Poem #12

be generous
in uplifting others,
nothing extraordinary
is of necessity
meet another
truly look at them 
and smile
a thing so simple
is enough
to put the sun back
in someones sky,
or breathe joy
into a lonely heart,
invisible no longer
see each face
not with judging eyes
but with the eyes of love,
give freely these
offerings of beholding,
blissful recognition
to see each other
through those eyes is
to see ourselves
and know we are divine
this love needs no language
it has no limits or borders
it comes to gently shake us,
to wake us up from the illusion
that we could be separate from each other
we belong to each other, truly
holding hands and hearts
walking this path called life
 This picture was taken on a tour I did to a tea plantation here in China. I wish I had a picture of myself smiling at her to accompany the photo of the beautiful smile she gave to me. We could not stop to chat with each other because of the language barrier, but her smile alone touched me deeply. China gets a lot of bad press in the world and some of it is valid. I just hope that we can always remember that people everywhere around the world are the same, people living, working, caring for families, seeking fulfillment, longing for connection. Namaste.

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  1. Amazing here in China how everyone buzzes away at their work, one "Nihao" transforms a smile that reveals their inner beauty. Love how you conveyed that in your poem and post-words....Namaste!