Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pic and a Poem #1

                                                   Go out to the waters edge
                                                          ready your net
                                                          close your eyes
                                                            inner vision
                                                        draw in ocean air
                                                         lungs like waves
                                                           rise and fall
                                                       a world at your feet
                                                     forming and changing
                                                               the pulse
                                                        flow of creation
                                                            around you
                                                            within you
                                                    cast your net fearlessly
                                                       free yourself at last


      Just to clarify, the pictures I post may be from today or from the many hundreds of photos I have taken and have not shared, this one was taken a year ago in Phuket, Thailand. The poems will be written in the moment and my intention is to leave them raw and unpolished. I want to honor whatever words come to me in the moment, organically, spontaneously. My objective is not perfection or reaching a standard, it is merely to create.

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