Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pic and a Poem #1

                                                   Go out to the waters edge
                                                        ready your net,
                                                        close your eyes
                                                        open your vision
                                                        breathe in and out
                                                            like the waves
                                                      feel them on your feet
                                                        the flow of creation
                                                              around you
                                                              within you
                                                        knowing this union
                                                        how could you stay
                                                               in fear?
                                                        Cast your net wide!

      Just to clarify, the pictures I post may be from today or from the many hundreds of photos I have taken and have not shared, this one was taken a year ago in Phuket, Thailand. The poems will be written in the moment and my intention is to leave them raw and unpolished. I want to honor whatever words come to me in the moment, organically, spontaneously. My objective is not perfection or reaching a standard, it is merely to create.

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