Friday, October 17, 2014

Pic and a Poem #3

                                                           the tangled jungle of life
may require a lion nature
called to charge forward
with sharp claws, bared teeth,
weapons drawn and ready,
prepared to do what is needed
drawing blood
bite and claw of battle
ferocious action
will and brave heart.

that is one way

i can get lost there
finding a fight in the mere
shifting of shadows
battling the wind or
the cycles of night and day themselves

lions also know
when to get quiet,
to sit back
in powerful, fierce stillness,
in the face of oncoming arrows
or penetrating darkness
drawing back claws
unbaring teeth
no need to rise up roaring
in an attempt to hold
on to illusions of protection

to cease action
is another action

paws sunk into firm ground
the bedrock of being
claiming one’s territory
turn in the direction of
the light

in a stance of courageous surrender
or prepared for righteous battle
skilled and precise

witnessing the approach
of what will be
opening to what is

this potent presence can
turn daggers into rooted trees
and curses into unexpected gifts

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  1. Wow.powerful and inspiring! Love and bliss your way<3