Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pic and a Poem # 6

   why run away from serenity
  when she is sitting here calling
  for you to come rest in her arms?
  why bite these hooks of insanity
   when you could simply open
  and swim in the ocean of freedom?
 why do you rush around town
  knocking on all these doors 
   in search of contentment
 when he is sitting at your table
   right under your own roof?
   why do you pace and paw
  in a cage you built yourself
     when the passage out
 is to become soft like surrender?
 why all this questing and searching
        looking high and low
 this forever calling out for something
           that seems lost
      when you can find it
   forever in your own heart?
       come lie down here
       give yourself to rest
    cup your weary head in
     your own loving hand
     close your eyes upon all
            this struggle
      the inner eye will see
        to bring you home
 This one showed up today and I know it is a message for me. If you read it and it is also a message for you, take it into your heart and find time to rest, to retreat. Namaste.  

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