Monday, October 20, 2014

Pic and a Poem #5

    every day is a birth day,
    as long as we wake to another
    dawn with breath in our bodies
    we are called to offer
    our light to the world
     each one is unique
     each one is needed
     we are the constellation
     of sacred design
     don't doubt that the universe
     has a perfect space for you
     even now it is holding out its open hand
     inviting you to take your place
     in this dazzling light show
     this cosmic song and dance
     this is not about trying,
     proving or perfecting
     this is about being
     this is about faith
     this is closing your eyes and
     leaping out into
     the dark void,
     knowing that leap
     is the only way
     to true life  

     every day is a birth day
     a chance to get things right
     a chance to get things wrong
     no matter

     there is no unworthy experience
     and love is real
     let it come
     let it go 
    delight in all that is
     and shine 

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