Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pic and a Poem #2

 A world of green and bright bird songs
     fills me with the word holy
     sacred temple of the wild
   I am in awe of your beauty  
           I belong to you

        When I am lost
         I sit on the soil
        with my trouble           
           my despair
      I cast my teary gaze
        up to your blessed

        Looking at you
         I find myself
           all of us
         in the world
     remembering comes
         a soft breeze
      or a bolt of clarity
       set into the open
      becoming arrives

Today I wrote this, and then I thought, this being a total experiment for me I might add notes about how I am feeling about it, challenges and triumphs that I might face. Right now I wonder, will I be able to sustain it, and for how long? I wonder if I will be able to successfully detach from the need for views, likes, external approval. Can I make some real shift around my tendency toward fearful strictness and perfectionism? It is an inquiry, and today I succeeded in presenting an offering from my heart.

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