Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pic and a Poem # 9

      this world is shocking
       in her capacity to be     
       limitlessly beautiful
      all her manifestations
        perfectly designed

    with breathtaking intensity
      she shows you her heart
             on her sleeve,
      holding nothing back
     letting every stroke fall to
              the canvass
   without the slightest hesitation

        even a city street
       ringing with chaos
        and painted with
       collisions of color
     is such grace to behold

       the lines and curves
       of wires and wheels
        are the geometry
       for the movement
              of life

    like blood through veins
      waves on the ocean
            her rhythm
             the pulse
      and drum beat dance
         of the universe

    anywhere you might be
   she is trying to show you
    the wonder of existence,
  the miracles large and small
   that she lays out before you

if you don't see beauty in front of you
try looking again with different sight
          and when you see it
   there will be no more denying
  the magnificence that you live in
     showing you the beauty
              that you are


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pic and a Poem #8

                        there is a city of light 
                           deep within you
                        the way to get there
                        is to get lost
                        lost from any identity
                        lost from all attachment
                        returning to the simple 
                        state of being and presence
                        in a moment,
                        this very moment
                        you are already there
   I will confess, this one had to struggle to get through as I am a bit off balance energetically and emotionally today. The words speak to this state. At the heart of this experiment is my quest to create by faith , to be vulnerable and to make an offering no matter what shows up. So today I got the very challenge that I asked for. For now I am off to my cushion, to consider these words, it is needed. xos for today.                            

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pic and a Poem #7

let's go to our attics and basements
haul out all our old baggage and the
dusty relics we have stored away
these things we said we never wanted
to look at, touch, or visit again

i will open all my bags and boxes,
hold up all my forgotten pieces,
i will show them to you,
will you show me yours?

not so we can wallow in what they once were,
not to revisit their brokenness
or linger in the neglect that they have endured
but to perform an alchemy
as children who know
that magic and miracles happen
all around us
if we believe in them
if we believe in ourselves

these things will be made beautiful
we will hold them close to know
their very essence
we will shape them with
our hands and hearts
into royal robes and jeweled crowns

lets put them on and
run barefoot through the back door
straight to the field of long grass and sunshine
where we will play and dance
skip and run
and let our laughter swell and echo
all the way to heaven and back


Pic and a Poem # 6

   why run away from serenity
  when she is sitting here calling
  for you to come rest in her arms?
  why bite these hooks of insanity
   when you could simply let go
  and swim in the ocean of freedom? 
 why do you rush around town
  knocking on all these doors 
   in search of contentment
 when he is sitting at your table
   right under your own roof?
   why do you pace and paw
  in a cage you built yourself
     when the passage out
     is to simply surrender?
 why all this questing and searching
        looking high and low
 this forever calling out for something
           that seems lost?
       come lie down here
       give yourself to rest
    cup your weary head in
     your own loving hand
     close your eyes upon all
            this struggle
      the inner eye will see
        to bring you home
 This one showed up today and I know it is a message for me. If you read it and it is also a message for you, take it into your heart and find time to rest, to retreat. Namaste.  

Monday, October 20, 2014

Pic and a Poem #5

    every day is a birth day,
    as long as we wake to another
    dawn with breath in our bodies
    we are called to bravely shine
    our lights into the world
     each one is unique
     each one is needed
     we are the constellation
     of sacred design
     don't doubt that the universe
     has a perfect space for you
     even now it is holding out it's open hand
     inviting you to take your place
     in this dazzling light show
     this cosmic song and dance
     this is not about trying,
     proving or perfecting
     this is about being
     this is about faith
     this is closing your eyes and
     leaping out into
    the seemingly dark void,
     knowing that leap
      is the only way
    through to true life  
   every day is a birth day
   a chance to get things right
   a chance to get things wrong
   no matter
   there is no unworthy experience
   and love is real
   let it come
   let it go 
   delight in all that is
   and simply shine 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pic and a Poem #4

I am a boat traveling
wave riding
soul questing
freedom chaser

Some other love junkies
 are on the journey with me
we have set off without
charts or maps,
not a compass or scope
to guide us

We close our eyes
and huddle close,
sailing by faith,
through the stormiest seas

When the wind gets whipping
and the waves crash down
we sing our song of love

Om namo away we go
with tears and joyful laughter

It might seem crazy
 to go this way
and this much we have been told

We are in the boat
the way is sure and
we are never alone

For the acharyas. Always in the boat.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Pic and a Poem #3

 the tangled  jungle of life
 may require a lion nature
sometimes to charge forward
with sharp claws, bared teeth,
weapons drawn and ready,
to do what is necessary
even drawing some blood
the bite and claw of battle
ferocious action
will and brave heart 
that is one way,
so easy to get lost there though
finding a fight in the mere
shifting of shadows
battling the wind or
the cycles of night and day
lion nature must also know
when to get quiet,
to sit back
 in powerful, ferocious stillness,
even in the face of oncoming arrows
or penetrating darkness
drawing back claws
unbaring teeth
no need to rise up roaring
in an attempt to hold
the universe of that life
but to cease action 
paws sunk into ground
turning in the direction of
the light
a stance of courageous surrender
witnessing the approach
of what will be
opening to what is

this courage can
turn daggers into flowers
and curses into gifts

I have a strong warrior archetype and this is a lesson I continue to learn. Some moments in life call for fierce courageous action and some call for fierce courageous stillness. I picked the lion image and that is what came through for me today.