Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pic and a Poem #31


may we not leave each other to suffer alone
nor gather together in fear and hatred
we are lost right now
lost to each other
lost to ourselves
in the poverty of division
blind in the smoke of violent frustration
so thick we are consumed by it
forgetting where we come from
and where we belong
torn from our hearts
cast into separation
but that will never be our truth
it is not who we are

we need demonstrations
put on by the millions
beginning in each single one
who is waking up
coming together
with hands held in unity
instead of fists or guns

we need demonstrations
that we are committed to each other
as long it takes us
staying the course
not backing down
fiercely demanding
no less than our birthright
every being living in
equality and love

we need to demonstrate
for the children who depend on us
the innocents not yet wounded
that we are there for them
if we can see them
when we see them
meet them in each of us
we will rise above


  1. Love this, Jean. What a beautiful expression of the best thought ever!!... ;).... Especially love the lines..."but that will never be our truth / it is not who we are"... :)

    1. Thanks. What happened on facebook?

    2. I'll be back. Finishing a novel that it seems I've been working to complete forever. I'm at carybrielATgmailDOTcom in the mean time. Would love to keep in touch. :)

    3. Ok. A novel, wow! Looking forward to reading it! : )