Monday, November 10, 2014

Pic and a Poem #21

  occupy this moment
  touch it with your tenderness,
  bring it to your lips,
  listen for its song
  see every side of it
  each subtle dimension 
  all the curves and angles,
  the center moving out

  meet this moment fully
  expansion and contraction
  expressing through shadow
  the way it catches light
  occupy this moment
  ride it like a wave,
  and in the next instant
  a tide of rising and falling
  the world is made again

 The present moment is the only place we can ever really know anything, connect to anything, be fully alive. Every moment is full of  potential, the potential to experience, but the the thing is we have to actually be there to experience the world in front of us, or the one within us. I often find myself lost in my thoughts, lost in my mind, somewhere other than experiencing the present moment, but I have practices like yoga, dance, meditation and writing that help me to come back to now, what is happening now, what I am feeling, seeing, touching. It is worth showing up for.  

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