Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Magic Bones

This is really just an addendum to my last post. I wrote this poem during the last module of my 500 hour yoga teacher training at Kripalu. I wrote it before I did Let Your Yoga Dance teacher training but it is an expression of that magical practice. So read it and then why not put on a piece of music that fills you with joy and makes you want to MOVE! Everyone is a dancer, the key is to feel it, not think it. Close your eyes, breathe, and move from the intelligent inner impulse. If you try it you just might LOVE it! Remember, perfection is boring, the magic is in the letting go and letting it be messy if that's what it wants to be.

                                                                    Magic Bones

                                                     There is magic in these bones
                                                      they shake
                                                      they rattle
                                                      they roll
                                                      A mystical rhythm
                                                      a primal flow
                                                      Each movement an opening
                                                      to the soul
                                                      Descending from the moon
                                                      and arising from the earth
                                                       No need to over think it
                                                       we've had it since birth
                                                      Draw the power to the center
                                                      and let it swell
                                                      Until the hips
                                                      invoke the magic spell
                                                      The sacred dance will soon unfold
                                                      take a breath and lose control
                                                      The limbs take flight and then you find
                                                      a gateway through the thinking mind
                                                      Trust the rhythm and you will see
                                                      the magic bones will set you free

Dedicated to the AMAZING Megha Nancy Buttenheim creator and director of Let Your Yoga Dance, Irena Blethen Executive Manager of Let Your Yoga Dance and most inspiring dancer and friend, The Dancing Angels my tribe, my students and all the dancers known and unknown. Dance on my friends!!

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  1. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Beautiful, Jean! I'll read this at my next yoga dance class. Thank you.

    Nina (Dancing Angel sister)