Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Greater Good

forget the lesser evil
i want the greater good
i want truth that shines so damn bright
it burns away the stale necrotic status quo
the roll over and take it
cuz what else can you do?

what else can we do?

forget the lesser evil
i want the greater good
let's claw and cut through
layers of lies
rip the mask right off
the sinister system
stare it in the face and say
no more

no more

and that small phrase will
ring like a shot
heard round the world
and rise to the sweet note
of new freedom
that we create

together we stand
we will not fall

forget the lesser evil
we want the greater good

good rooted in respect
good that heals not harms
good that doesn't sell us one thing
and hand us another
good that doesn't steal the
life and liberty out from under us
or question any single person's
right to be

good that doesn't play on our
fears and frustrations
turning us on each other
good that doesn't tolerate violent
institutional injustice
sweep it out the back door or
hide it under the rug
good that doesn't rape, kill or enslave
our bodies, minds or spirits

good that wants to give us all
a hand up
instead of a push down
to keep us in line
and tear us apart

forget the lesser evil
demand a greater good
gather us all

separation can't stand
in the presence of truth
bondage is broken
by the fire of family

we the people
stand in the light
eyes wide open
hand in hand
we claim
our world

 and in it we will know ourselves
 infinitely greater than good

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