Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sparkling Sunday

 Sparkling Sunday
 rising radiant I don my worship attire,
 lacing up these sacred earth stained shoes
 ready for the unknown and known
 the certainty of some breathtaking beauty to be found
 as I step into my once again brand new
 expression of devotion that is
 breath taking
 my worship is this simple offering
 a breath, a step on this sacred earth
 most fully in the direction of God
 the people driving to church might wonder
 why I do not pray, how did I get so lost?

 I do pray with every step
 I pray with all of me
 I pray with this precious God given
 body out here in the cathedral of the world
 trees, squirrels and all this creation
 bears witness to me, and I to it
 the very endless heavens above lit by the lantern
 of sun are my light and I know love in these steps

 I pray with every step not for speed or agility or even strength
 I pray for presence and clear seeing, to know this moment
 who I am, to feel God dancing in my movement
 my prayer is not one of words but feelings
 I feel my feet rise and fall kissing the earth
 I feel my breath and heart that are aligned to
 the rhythm of the universe itself
 I come and go dissolving and re-emerging
 filling and emptying until I feel the reality of both
 I am and I am not

 Sparkling Sunday
 I met you wide open and you
 met me with miracles
 on the blessed road I know
 all is one
 my sacred prayer
 is as I run            

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